Three types of trips on the tracks of animals each of which are customisable to needs and wants of our guests.

The Konkamoya Safari are thought out to give a complete view and idea of the workings of the numerous ecosystems of the national park, however they are also organised and tailored with the time at disposal of every guest.

The Kafue in 10 days 

1    Waterberry Lodge

2    Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp

3    Konkamoya Lodge

4    Konkamoya Lodge

5    Mayukuyuku Bush Camp

6    Mayukuyuku Bush Camp

7    Leopard Lodge

8    Leopard Lodge

9    Pioneer Camp 

10    Lusaka International Airport 



The Kafue in 15 days 


1    Waterberry Lodge 

2    Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp

3    Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp

4    Konkamoya Lodge

5    Konkamoya Lodge

6    Konkamya Lodge

7    Mayukuyuku Bush Camp    

8    Mayukuyuku Bush Camp

9    Mayukuyuku Bush Camp

10    Leopard Lodge    

11    Leopard Lodge

12    Leopard Lodge

13    Pioneer Camp

14    Lusaka International Airport

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