Follow the wind:

seize the moment for an encounter with mother nature 

Konkamoya in the Nianja language means “Follow the wind”. And from the wind  scoured bush and Andrea’s passion, in 2010, the lake side lodge was born on the banks of the Iteshi Teshi lake, in the heart of Zambia.

Four luxurious tents furnished in a colonial style able to accommodate up to 8 guests only.

A purposely small number of explorers with a passion for nature who are eager to explore the animal Kingdom who will be lead on a voyage of discovery of the secrets of the African Bush: Learn to follow marks, foot prints or broken twigs, the remains of banquets of mighty predators and observe the extraordinary life of insects and small mammals which are usually difficult to spot during a normal safari in a vehicle.

Arriving at a few meters distance from a heard of elephants is always an awe-inspiring  jaw dropping encounter. Who follows the Konkamoya wind knows that they can find a huge sensation behind every small bush, as well as finding a lake that promises new horizons for bird watching aficionados.

Land and water mix into one as the call of the African water provides the soundtrack for the day accompanied by fishermen, and over the ant hill it is possible that a few hippo and lions will poke their head to say hello.

On the tracks

of the

African Wild Dog 

Traveling off road to get close to lions and spontaneously following the tracks of particular animals such as the aardvark, which can be seen only during the middle of night. In the National park one can move around without restraints and the guests wishes can be carried out to the letter to see Puku, Impalas, Kudu or Zebras. Leopards, Cheetahs and Lions divide territory with antelopes of every types and with enormous heards of Elephants. Then there is the lake with the Fish Eagle, the Hippos, the crocodiles and the otter.

But maybe even more interesting than anything else is the very rare African Wild Dog, which is present in 3 or 4 packs in our area.

P.O. Box 29, 

10101, Itezhi Tezhi, 

Kafue National Park - Zambia 

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